TAPiO Speakers Club - TSC: "Chance"
Last night, TAPiO Management Advisory held an interesting session of TAPiO Speakers Club - TSC alongside with all of the interns. All of the prepared speakers were all set for their chance to speak followed by the spontaneously outstanding impromptu speakers of the evening. It was definitely another exciting and insightful session for everyone to learn and bond together.

TAPiO Speaker's Club Panels:
Master : Haziq Husaini
Ah Counter: Kaoutar Fakihi
Grammar Counter: Ain Aisyah Khairi
Time Counter: Summer Ong

Impromptu Speeches :
1. Leon Angelo - What do you think about second chances?
2. Kaoutar Fakihi - Do you think chances are given or taken?
3. Aby NIANI - How to get up after a failure

Prepared Speeches :
1. Lee Kit Wei - Chances, Probability, Possibility
2. Muhammad Syafiee - Take a chance, to take a risk
3. Brenda Gatfaoui - Why should we take chances?