TAPiO Management Advisory’s interns had a productive night giving out speeches and listening to other’s experiences in TAPiO Speakers Club – TSC. The interns gave out advices to each other as per the speech was given by the speakers. It was definitely a humorous and knowledgeable session for everyone to have an opportunity to gain information on giving out a great speech.

TAPiO Speaker’s Club Panels:
Master : Selim Snp
Ah Counter: Arthur Yap
Grammar Counter: Selim Snp
Time Counter: Ain Aisyah Khairi

Impromptu Speeches :
1. Brenda Gatfaoui – “ If you fail to achieve your goal, what would be the consequences for you ? “
2. Christian Kevin Santosa – “If you have ever try to change your life but you failed, what was the reason?”
3. Ain Aisyah Khairi – “If you could turn back time, what would you change”
4. Lee Kit Wei – ” if you are 50 years old now, what advice would you give to 10 years ago of you”

Prepared Speeches :
1. Alaa Kandil – “Motivation At Work”
2. Melsila Vincent – “Motivation In Decisions”
3. Naz Danial – “Motivation Is My Middle Name”


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