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The Malaysia Internship Programme for Leaders by TAPiO Management Advisory is an internship based in Kuala Lumpur established to provide a platform for young talents to push their boundaries and to turn the leadership potential into a valuable professional experience to get a head start on their careers. Our interns are a part of a multinational team with peers from all over the world with different backgrounds and disciplines which makes this internship experience unique and unlike any other. By being a part of our diverse team, interns are exposed to an international environment, preparing them to be able to work with anyone, anywhere and in any career.

We take pride in ensuring our interns work on and have the opportunity to lead real projects that contribute directly to TAPiO’s business, simultaneously developing their soft skills and professional skills. Our interns will be able to network and build relationships with High-Level Decision Makers, CEOs, Diplomats, Ministers, Ambassadors and Country Leaders of the highest level at various business events. Furthermore, our interns will get the chance to be mentored by industry experts of the highest level with whom they can gain invaluable insights into any industry.

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TAPiO Management Advisory Sdn. Bhd. (TAPiO) is a multidisciplinary management advisory firm providing tailored advisory services to governments and private companies. TAPiO focuses on bringing foreign companies into ASEAN and Asia utilising Malaysia as a gateway. TAPiO brings relationships of the highest level between Malaysia and Europe ranging from government officials to private sector CEOs. TAPiO currently acts as country manager of Bavarian and economic advisor to Flanders Investment and Trade, and serves as a bridge between local and foreign governments and private entities to facilitate trade and business between any country.

Bernhard Schutte founder and Chairman of TAPiO
Internship Malaysia Wednesday Club

The Malaysia Internship Programme for Leaders started in 2012 by our Chairman, Mr. Bernhard Schutte, as a way to give back to the community by educating the youth to take leadership of their futures. It is within Mr. Bernhard’s legacy to ensure that the youth of our future generations have a springboard to jump-start their careers, either at TAPiO Management Advisory or be prepared to enter any career they desire.

Since its inception, TAPiO has had major success in assisting high profile companies such as BMW and SIEMENS in Malaysia, and currently acts as the country manager of Bavaria (Germany) and an economic adviser to Flanders Investment and Trade (Belgium Government) as well as the Northern Corridor and East Coast Economic Regions in Malaysia. Our team of interns have contributed directly to all of those projects from inception to execution and will continue to be a part of TAPiO’s future endeavors and accomplishments.


We think that there is potential in everyone, that everyone has their own strengths. Our mission is to educate our interns on how to fully utilise those strengths and capitalise on their abilities so that they can apply them in any field.

We welcome students and graduates from any country and background to participate in our Leadership Internship Programme. Our interns are inquisitive, determined, passionate and bright team players who are willing to learn and build their professional career. Applicants must be ready to work in a competitive international environment and face new challenges across many new fields and industries. Local and International applicants are welcome.

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