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As a country that continues to grow and develop, one of Malaysia’s largest fields of work is in international business and finance, particularly in the capital of Kuala Lumpur. Home to foreign residents of all nationalities, Kuala Lumpur is a dynamic environment to live, study, and work in. The city was ranked No. 2 in South-East Asia in the 2017 annual survey on quality of living and was ranked as the most affordable city for students in 2014.

From getting here to getting settled, we at Malaysia Internship Programme for Leaders are happy to assist you in planning your journey for your internship in Malaysia. In this page, you’ll find useful information on the country’s entry requirement, accommodation options and transportation system.


The vast options for transportation in Kuala Lumpur make getting around the city easy, even for first-time visitors. Public transportation is diverse and efficient, offering an extensive network of buses, light rail commuter trains, and metered taxis within the city center and beyond. Public transport fares in Malaysia are cheap.  A monthly public transport pass should not cost you more than RM150 and a taxi fare at 8km/hr costs RM20 on a usual business day.

Malaysia provides a wide array of housing options, especially in the city, and rent is considered affordable in Malaysia. Apartments, condominiums, and houses are all available for purchase or for rent. Those who plan on looking for their own accommodation while interning in Malaysia, renting an apartment is the most typical choice. Depending on the locality, the average monthly rent ranges between RM350 – RM3000.

The Malaysia Internship Programme for Leaders by TAPiO provides accommodation packages for local as well as international interns. Contact us to find out more about the packages offered or if you require any assistance in finding accommodation.


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