TAPiO Speakers Club - TSC: "Relationships"
Last Wednesday, TAPiO Management Advisory's interns participated in TAPiO Speakers Club - TSC. Both the Impromptu Speakers and prepared Speakers had a great chance to express and present their speeches regarding on relationships. It was indeed a great session for all of the interns to gain experience as well as guidance on ways to give a well prepared presentation.

TAPiO Speaker's Club Panels:
Master : Redzlan Nur Jazlan
Ah Counter: Christian Kevin Santosa
Grammar Counter: Brenda Gatfaoui
Time Counter: Lee Kit Wei

Impromptu Speeches :
1. Brenda Gatfaoui - ”Who is the most important person in you life?”
2. Summer Ong - “What is your perspective towards relationships”
3. Rachid Rouchdi - “ What are your opinions about relationships in business? “

Prepared Speeches :
1. Cedric Castry - Long Distance Relationships
2. Arthur Yap - Mate Selection
3. Haziq Huisaini Abdul Jalil - “Thank You, Next” Experience In Relationship

All of the interns enjoyed the humorous and informational session thanks to all of the speakers who gave their best on their presentations !