The Malaysia Internship Programme for Leaders by TAPiO held its 3rd Speakers Club with guest judges from the University of Lethbridge, Canada, Mr. Justin Conrad, Ms. Kelsie Battrum, Ms. Chanelle Heatherington and Ms. Indira Volcy. This week’s theme was “What Now” with 5 Prepared Speeches titled “Live in This Moment”, “Big or Small”, “What Now”, “Believe in Yourself”, and “Meditation”.

MC: Nadrah Nadhirah & Tharani Muniandy
Uh-Oh Master: Afrina
Master England: Carmen Lee
Clocky: Kaoutar Fakihi

Impromptu Speeches :
1. Justin Conrad – “The Biggest Regret in Life”
2. Redzlan Nur Jazlan- “What’s Your Insecurity?”

Prepared Speeches :
1. Xuexue Pua – Live In This Moment
2. Khoo ZW – Big or Small
3. Wajihuddin Mohd Haidzer – What Now
4. Ain Aisyah Khairi – Believe in Yourself
5. Jochen Fries – Meditation

This was a special session with fantastic deliveries of each and every one of the prepared speeches. Which was why it was decided that all the speakers were winners this week!


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