Wednesday Club with His Excellency Walid Abu Ali, Ambassador of Palestine Malaysia

Our Wednesday Club held on August 3, 2022, was honoured to have His Excellency Walid Abu Ali, Ambassador of Palestine Malaysia. H.E delivered as a speaker.

It was an informative presentation that gave us a better understanding of the history of Palestine and the past and present lives of Palestinians worldwide. The in-depth Q&A session between the audience and H.E was enlightening and educational. Thank you, your Excellency Walid Abu Ali, for sharing your personal experiences and wisdom with us, as it has given us a new perspective on Palestine.

We would also like to thank Ms. Yasmin Abdalhafiz and Mr. Ibrahim Alnatour, Consular Affairs Attaché from the Embassy of Palestine, and our observers Mrs. Doaa Skaik, Chief Innovation Officer at Almotahida Education Group, together with Dr. Mohammad Fadi Qaddo, Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer at Templer Park International School


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