TAPiO Speakers Club (Technology in Business)

The theme of last night’s Speakers Club was “Technology in Business”, technology’s role in business cannot be overstated. Companies all around the globe are relying on utilising technology to assist them to increase their competitive edge, as well as to drive strategies and progress.
The topics for the theme were:

The topics for the theme were:

  • Programming Robotic Technology (Shanjida)
  • E-books (Shahd)
  • AI In Supply Chain Management (Thomas)
  • Social Media For Business (Farah)

The TAPiO Internship Programme is a great way to expose you to International workplaces and workplace culture. Universities give you theoretical skills and knowledge, but they do not allow you to apply your learning in a real-life situation. The TAPiO Internship Programme gives you practical experience in meaningful projects and can often lead to secure employment.


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